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Who I Am

zentripy2My mission is to help individuals and organizations find the right international insurance solution.  I bring my experience in the insurance market, as well as my perspective from extensive international travel.  My clients not only have the coverage they need – I advocate to help them choose the right plan and be there when a claim is made – but they can feel confident that they are not alone when they need help.

What I Bring

I have traveled the world! – all fifty states and seven continents!  I know the hurdles faced by those needing global insurance as I have stayed in accommodations as diverse as canvas tents on the ground, hostels with shared bathrooms, home-stays with families, and first-class hotels.  I give my clients a clear understanding of the varied needs for international assistance around the world.

My Clients

I work with corporations and non-profits; mission-sending organizations and global business travelers; students traveling abroad and educators looking to broaden their international exposure.  I put together insurance plans that meets the needs of those seeking healthcare outside of his/her home country.  The peace of mind that comes from the right policy, and knowing that someone is there to help, can make the global experience more memorable for the right reasons.

My Philosophy

I believe that having an advocate for you on your international plan means that you are never traveling alone.

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