May 16, 2017

Emergency Medical Evacuation: What It Is and Why You Need It

international medical insuranceTravel Insurance is a must have for anyone who is traveling to a foreign nation, though right now it is predominately purchased by younger Americans or those making above $50,000 a year (29% and 25% respectively). It helps to alleviate the costs of medical expenses that you might incur while abroad. But what happens if the region you are traveling in does not have the right medical equipment to handle a medical emergency?

Sometimes, life takes you to less developed regions. Whether you are pursuing academic or humanitarian work, exploring a new region or the world, or working as a missionary, these lesser developed areas allow you to interact with great people and have a direct, positive benefit on their life.

But that doesn’t mean these areas are without their dangers. Natural disasters, car accidents, and international incidents could leave you needing a more thoroughly equipped medical center than a less developed nation can provide.

Unfortunately, most international medical insurance options would leave you to solve this problem on your own. But emergency medical evacuation insurance is different.

What is Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance?
Emergency Medical Evacuation travel insurance, unlike other international medical insurance options, will fund your evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility in the event of an emergency, and then home afterward if necessary.

For a premium, you will also be able to select an ideal destination for your treatment. This policy will be in effect any time you are more than 150 miles from your home, regardless of whether or not you are in traveling outside of the country.

What it Doesn’t Cover
It’s important to not that many emergency medical evacuation insurance plans will not cover accidents and injuries related to dangerous activities such as skiing, scuba diving, or mountain climbing. If you plan on partaking in one of these activities it is advised you look into supplementary adventure-sport insurance.

If you are traveling in a developing nation when disaster strikes, the only insurance plan that would cover your extraction and travel to a better-equipped facility is an international travel insurance that included emergency medical evacuation.

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