April 6, 2017

Expat Insurance FAQ: What You Need to Know About International Health Coverage

health insurance for expatriatesAccording to the U.S. Travel Insurance organization, approximately 61% of Americans said they would travel in 2014. While a good portion of these trips were domestic vacations, countless Americans continue to travel and live abroad, sometimes for lengthy periods of time. When it comes time to take your trip, you’ll probably be concerned with packing the right clothes and the correct travel documents. But if you’re going to be staying in a country other than your own, on either a temporary or permanent basis, you may have neglected to factor global medical insurance into your plans.

None of us plans on becoming sick or injured while we’re away from home, but these events do occur — and probably more often than you might think. If you come down with an illness, suffer a fall, or are seriously injured in an accident, health insurance for expatriates will give you affordable access to the medical treatments you need. At Zentripy Global, we can provide you with the right expatriate health insurance plans for your trip and your budget. But since expatriate health coverage can be a bit confusing, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions on the subject.

Health Insurance For Expatriates: FAQs

  • If I already have health insurance coverage at home, why do I need another policy?

    Your current insurance plan will cover only your U.S. medical costs. If you’re traveling or living internationally, your U.S. health coverage will do you very little good (or none at all). As a general rule, if you’re staying abroad for more than a month or two, you should consider getting expatriate insurance to ensure you’re covered.

  • I’m healthy and young. Do I still need health insurance for expatriates?

    Absolutely. You may take care of your body, but anything can happen while traveling. You may come down with a regional disease or become injured from an accident, which could require hospitalization. Since these costs can be extremely high and these events can be impossible to predict, you’ll be glad to have coverage while abroad. There are also certain plans that are geared towards young, healthy expats, which may be the best choice for your situation.

  • How do I know if I’m covered?

    If you live or work outside of your home country (the country on your passport), you are eligible for expat insurance. However, some insurance companies will put an age cap on coverage, specifically for seniors over age 60. Ask your health insurance company for further information on this.

  • What about coverage for my family?

    Your spouse or partner (who permanently resides with you) can be included as a dependent on your policy. In addition, if you have unmarried children/dependents under the age of 18 living with you (or, if in school full-time, under age 23), they will be covered. Newborns may be covered automatically for up to 90 days.

  • Do I need to undergo a medical exam?

    Usually, no. You’ll just need to complete a medical questionnaire with your application. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you’ll probably need to provide a recent medical report.

  • Does expat insurance cover dental costs?

    Certain plans will cover limited dental procedures, but most will require you to add on dental coverage to the base policy. Your insurance company can help guide you on plans if this is a concern for you.

If you’re planning on staying abroad for any length of time, you deserve peace of mind. Global medical insurance will ensure you’re covered in a variety of unexpected situations. Want to find out more about health insurance for expatriates? Contact Zentripy Global today.


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