International Medical Trip Insurance

Zentripy Global focuses on the needs of those seeking health care outside their home countries.  Insurance rates are filed, so the rates are the same from any source.  What makes us different is that we have chosen the plans that we believe best meet the needs of our clients. We develop strong relationships with our select carriers to make sure that we can support our clients with international medical trip insurance when they need help.


International medical insurance for the short-term traveler because your health insurance may leave you exposed for any medical treatment you need.


Designed for those living outside their home country more than six months, you need a medical plan of benefits that is tailored to your new circumstances of travel.


For groups of two or more traveling, we provide a variety of insurance plans that can be tailored specifically for your international medical needs.

Medical Evac

When you are hospitalized outside your home country, you might need an additional form of emergency assistance or medical evacuation to treat your condition.